House Warming Invitation Images

House warming ceremony is performed as a big function in India. The function is called in various names in different parts of the country. It is also called as "Graha Pravesham" where "Graha" means the House and "Pravesham" means going in. We present here a good collection of House Warming Invitation Images, pictures, ecards that help you select the best suitable and beautiful background image for your house warming invitation.

    Freedom from old matchbox apartment. Say hello to my new home at a cool party. Be there.

    New home at last! And it’s time for a party. Come over (date and time).

    Can't wait to show you around! Come over and join us for our House warming Party! See you soon .

    We are gonna have a Housewarming party, and with your presence it will be a great delight. Here's hoping you'd make it!

    The ceremony of house warming is peformed with many divine and holy rituals. People of all religions perform their own spiritual ceremonies during House warming. In Thamizh language, house warming ceremony is called also called as "Punnia Archanai" during which holy mantras are chanted and various spiritual rituals are performed. Browse down the page to select your best suitable House Warming Invitation Images, pictures that are available here.

    My family and I request your presence at our new home to celebrate in the new chapter of our lives. Our housewarming party is on (date) at (address). Please do come and celebrate with us.

    We have fully unpacked and ready to party! You’re invited to our housewarming ceremony in our new place at (address) on (date). Celebration starts at (time).

    Join us in celebrating a new chapter of our lives in our new house in a new environment on (date) at (address).

    We invite you to our Housewarming ceremony on (date, time & address ). Come and join us in our thanksgiving dinner as we dedicate our new house to HIM.

    ​Celebrate with Mr. & Mrs. Bhatias at the new home! Join them at their new house.

    Welcome to our new home! Please join for the Housewarming Cocktails at our new house.

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