Invitation Quotes In English

Invitation will become lively only when you have a meaningful quote or saying in it. In Indian marriage invitations, particularly in Tamil Nadu, people use "Thirukural" in their marriage invitations, like "அன்பும் அறனும் உடைத்தாயின் இல்வாழ்க்கை பண்பும் பயனும் அது." This phrase means that if love and virtue reigns your home, then your marriage life will be the perfect grace and gain". Here are some Invitation Quotes in English that you can use on your invitations.

    We have just moved in and believe me, knowing you has been such a comfort. We would like to get to know you better on drinks, dinner and lots of chatter at our housewarming party.

    What’s a new house without friends? So come and join me at my new apartment.

    New city, new job and a new pad. Need any more reasons to join me for a party? Come over.

    It would be great delight for us to celebrate our housewarming ceremony with you all. So kindly be there for the mock tail party and dinner..

    Print some beautiful quotes and sayings or proverbs on your invitation that are related to the occasion or the function. Writing a lovely quote on your invitations add more beauty to your invitations. Browse down this page and find the suitable Invitation quotes in English for you.

    Here is an invitation to all friends. Our darling daughter is turning eighteen, so let's come together to make this birthday a special one for her.

    You're warmly invited to celebrate As I complete 50 golden years of my life Do join in for the cocktails and dinner!

    You're invited to celebrate the first birthday of our son, (name of the celebrator).

    Now I can walk if you hold my hand. But the fun has only just begun... Look out, I'm turning ONE!

    Please join us for the celebrations of our beloved daughter's ... birthday. You presence is highly appreciated.

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